Gary Smith Plumbing and Heating, LLC
2250 Dartmouth Avenue                   303-543-9096
Boulder, CO 80305                                                           

2250 Dartmouth Avenue
Boulder, CO 80305
(303) 931-7632
"Serving Boulder and the Front Range for over 20 years"

About Us

Gary Smith Plumbing and Heating has been in business in Boulder, Colorado for twenty years.  We are members of and certified by:

     .  American Society of Plumbing Engineers
     .  American Backflow Prevention Association

We design and install radiant heating and domestic hot water generation, modern modulating/condensing boilers with 98%+ efficiency, low carbon and NOX emissions specifications.

In addition to project design and planning, we have received favorable recommendations from our clients regarding our prompt response and customer service practices.  Our service extends beyond the initial installation by providing excellent follow-up and trouble-shooting.



     .  Pearl Street Mall restrooms, pop jet fountain and water features
     .  Spruce pool boiler and restroom upgrade
     .  Farm Credit of the Mountains and Plains, Greely,Colorado
     .  Pico Light Inc. clean rooms
     .  National Institute of Science and Technology clean rooms

Our Services Include, but are not limited to:

     .  Design and build plumbing and heating projects
     .  High efficiency boilers
     .  Radiant heat
     .  Water heaters
     .  Backflow preventers installation
     .  Snow melt sidewalks and driveways - and certification
     .  Process piping



     Phone:     303-543-9096 or 303-931-7632